Polished Alum Stone 100g


COSMOS certified 100% natural and made with Potassium Alum, a naturally occurring, mined mineral salt.

A very effective deodorant, the stone is translucent in appearance with natural veins running through it.

Historically used in the past for medicinal purposes, this astringent 100% natural Alum Stone is particularly effective as an non-pore blocking anti-perspirant deodorant crystal, as alum naturally disinfects and deodorises. Anti-microbial, it is not absorbed by the skin, is a safe and very effective deodorant and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Wet tip and rapidly rub under the arms for approx. 20 times. Reapply when needed. Can also be used as a 'razor bun' healer when rubbed onto the face after shaving. A small piece also placed in the washing machine will remove stains and liven up drab white linens.

Tip:  If the stone is dropped and broken, put the pieces of stone into a spray bottle and fill with water.  Leave for 24 hours and you have a spray deodorant.

100% Potassium Alum

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