Sensitive skin is catagorised as inflammed or easily reactive and needs the right ingredients to soothe, balance and calm.  Eczema, rosacea and acne are classic examples of skin that needs further 'care' and will not respond well to synthetics or chemical ingredients.  It is also skin that can react easily to essential oils in a product and anything that is too complicated.  

      Preserving the natural barrier and balancing the skins' bacteria help in warding off sensitivity.  Natural ingredients work to help balance and feed the skin and prebiotic ingredients especially, help with the microbiome, the precious top layer of skin that can easily be stripped and damaged by harsh products making the skin much more sensitive than it should be.  

      Using the right products with the right ingredients, and giving these products time to work on the face, body and hair will help reduce sensitivity.  Furthermore, always try to keep things simple, try to use less 'product' and less 'products' and your skin will thank you.

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