Sunscreen SPF

Sunscreen SPF


      Our sunscreen SPF products do not contain PABAs, Parabens, Oxybenzone, and Octinoxate - which are all known to be damaging to the environment (particularly Ocean Reefs) and not much better for us.   

      Choosing your sunscreen will come down to many factors:

      • The amount of protection
      • The way it feels on the skin
      • The longevity of the protection
      • The appearance on the skin
      • Non-Irritating
      • Reef Safe

      We provide a range of different sunscreens from 100% natural to those that will still contain a small amount of non-harmful chemical additives.  All are Reef Safe. 

      We also have a number of SPF's that are in the form of make-up, normally in a powder or tinted moisturiser.  We have tried and tested personally all of them and have found them all to be non-irritating and effective.  Some (the more natural) are heavier in appearance on the skin than others (those with additives).  If you are after a sunscreen that is 100% natural, then the texture and thickness of the product has to be taken into account and generally any SPF over 30 will contain chemical additives.