Depleted, Menopausal


      Studies have shown that in the first five years of the menopause, when there is a fluctuation in estrogen, women’s skin loses about 30% of its collagen.  After that, the decline is less extreme with a loss of around 2% of collagen every year, over the next 20 years.  During this period there is a significant change in the appearance of the skin.  It becomes noticeably drier, thinner, lacking in elasticity and firmness, the face can appear to sag and jowls may start to appear, as well as large pores due to the lack of skin firmness.  Rosacea can also become an issue, as well as menopausal acne, especially as the body becomes deficient in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids caused by the hormonal fluctuation.

      It is not only the face that is affected, the skin on the body becomes drier, the hair also, which can become a lot more brittle and thinner.  In all areas, more care, hydration and equilibrium is needed, and skincare and haircare needs to be more specific and catered towards this change the body is going through.   

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