Curly & Frizzy


      Curly and frizzy hair needs special attention.  It is typically dehydrated and needs extra nourishment, more than most other type of hair.  

      The first step in managing this type of hair starts with the shampoo.  Using a shampoo that does not contain harsh chemicals, sulphates or silicones and instead contains emulsifiers derived from ingredients such as corn, coconut, nuts, oats will help to calm the frizz in curly hair.  It will also help to nourish the scalp, which in some cases, (particularly as with afro-Caribbean hair) has no significant natural oil and is vulnerable to dryness. 

      The next step is the conditioner.  Most commercial conditioners have silicone ingredients that simply 'coat' the hair, giving the impression the hair is silky and soft.  This is an illusion and has no benefit to the hair, and instead suffocates the hair strand with the 'plastic' like coating.  Avoid all silicones in conditioner and opt for natural ingredients that penetrate into the hair strand, supporting the hair structure and nourishing from within.  Finally, choose a leave-in treatment, smoothing product or oil to finish the hair.  Again keeping it natural will benefit and treat the hair with each application, eventually helping to permanently calm the hair.

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