Candied Orange - Frankincense - Cardamom Willow Reed Diffuser


This fragrance is a blend of Cardamom and Frankincense balanced sweet candied Orange, Jasmine and Eastern Patchouli essential oils that will beautifully scent your home and aid relaxation.

Crafted in the shape of Bamford's bath and body apothecary bottles, this elegant willow diffuser will beautifully scent your home.  Bamford's signature blends of essential oils have been captured in a non-toxic, environmentally friendly oil base and the natural willow reeds come from a sustainable source.

Currently available in 250ml

Frankincense - Induces deep relaxation

Cardamom - Promotes clarity of the mind

Candied Orange - Enhances concentration

  • Glass bottle is reusable and recyclable
  • Willow reeds are obtained from a sustainable source
  • Non-toxic oil base
  • Will scent the home for up to 6 months
  • Turn the reed sticks regularly to allow the scent to filter and refresh

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