Olive and 12% Laurel Oil Block Soap 220g

An authentic, pure Hammam Olive and Laurel soap from Aleppo, Syria made traditionally in a cauldron and dried for 9 months.  Made with 12% Laurel oil.

This authentic bar of PAIN D’ALEP® has been manufactured using ancient knowhow, and respects the balance of skin, helping to soothe irritation and keeping it healthy. 99.9% of the ingredient's are natural, and it owes its exceptional skincare properties to the Olive oil which softens, protects and maintains the skin and the Laurel oil, which is loaded with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, unsaponifiables and vitamins.

The specific manufacturing of this soap means an alkalinity-free level of almost zero. During the process the soap paste is cut into bars. Once stamped for genuine originality, the soap is then piled into towers for a long, open-air drying process during which time the finished version emerges: darker and harder on the outside, greener and softer on the inside. The drying process takes around nine months, after which the soap will be able to float in water, proof of its Hammam originality.

Apply directly onto wet skin or use with a bathing glove. Rinse well.

Olea Europaea fruit oil*, Laurus Nobilis fruit oil*, sodium hydroxide.

* Plant based ingredient 99.9%.

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