RMS Beauty

Living Glow Retractable Powder Brush


A luxuriously ultra-soft, retractable loose powder brush that is made with premium quality synthetic bristles. It achieves flawless, even coverage and an all-over golden glow.

Great to use with the RMS Beauty Living Face & Body powder.

Cruelty-free and Vegan

The retractable design allows for easy travel and storage. The dome shape and dense bristles allow you to easily pick up loose powder and evenly distribute all over face and body.

Best used with the RMS Beauty Living Glow Face & Body Powder.

Use to lightly dust loose powder all over face and body where a luminous glow is desired.

TIP - This brush is made of the softest bristles that not only feel luxurious on the skin, that along with its flexible dome shape, ensure you are picking up the right amount of powder needed to create a natural, even highlight on the face and body every time. Its retractable feature makes it easy to store and keep clean – throw it in your bag to create on-the-go glow whenever you want to add that extra bit of sensuous luminosity.

100% synthetic hair

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