Arnica & Hyssop Balm 45ml


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A perfect synergistic mix of Arnica montana, St John’s Wort and ancient Hyssop, formulated for sore, swollen skin this balm is naturally anti-inflammatory and will help to soothe joints and muscles.  An essential, carried everywhere balm.

Water free formula. 100% organic.  With Rosewood spatula.  Contains Beeswax

The beautiful bright yellow Arnica montana is well renowned in nature’s pharmacopeia for easing many of the common aches, pains and injuries that arise in our daily lives. 

Falls and other traumas can cause blood vessels to break under your skin causing tenderness and discoloration. Arnica has been used for centuries to help speed up the recovery from bruises and swelling. Hyssop, praised for its cicatrisant and anti-rheumatic virtues, perfectly pairs with Arnica making the combination a powerful first aid for knocks, bruises and bumps. The oil-based formula means a high concentration of active ingredients and a little is all you need for effective results. 
This product has been formulated with sensitive skins in mind and with its unique, 100% organic, synthetic-free formula, is safe to use on skins of all ages.  If in any doubt as to sensitivity, particularly to one of the ingredients, we recommend conducting a patch test for 24 hours on an area of healthy skin before applying to the appropriate area. 

Apply and gently spread over the affected area. This balm can be particularly effective when applied in a greater quantity before bed, wrapping the appropriate area in cling film and a protective bandage for optimum absorption overnight.  

Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way. Any excess may be gently removed with organic cotton wool, and it is preferable to avoid immediate contact with clothing after application, as some ingredients in the product may cause staining.

100% organic oils: Olive oil- olea europaea, Sunflower oil – helianthus annuus,  Castor oil – ricinus communis, Black cumin oil – nigella sativa, Evening primrose oil – oenothera biennis, Apricot kernel oil - prunus armeniaca, Coconut oil – cocos nucifera

100% organic plant extracts all produced in-house: Arnica flower – arnica montana, Hyssop – hyssopus officinalis, St. John’s Wort – hypericum perforatum, Meadowsweet– spiraea ulmaria, Lavender flower – lavandula angustifolia, Rosemary leaf – rosmarinus officinalis 

Beeswax – cera alba 

100% organic essential oils: Sweet marjoram – origanum majorana, Ginger– zingiber officinale, Lavender– lavandula angustifolia, Roman chamomile - anthemis nobilis, Cypress - cupressus sempervirens, Linaloo*, limonene*, geraniol*, citronellol*, citral*.  100% Organic

*Natural constituent of essential oils.     

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