Purifying Sulphur Aleppo Soap 150g


A pure, lipid-rich, traditional and cauldron-cooked genuine Aleppo soap that is enriched with Olive and Laurel oil, and Yellow Sulphur (5%). 

Purifying and healing.  Made in Syria.

The exceptional effects of Laurel oil and Sulphur on any skin issue or problem has been known in the area of the Mediterranean for centuries, and Sulphur-rich hot springs, such as the famous Eqfa sulphuric springs in Palmyra, have been used by man since time immemorial, to soothe skin lesions. 

For the body this soap will help with skin conditions such as psoriasis and body spots and blemishes.  For the face, it will help to effectively combat break-outs, spots, and blemishes, especially on teenage skin.

Can be used on the face (combination, blemished skin) and on the body.

Sodium Olivate*, Aqua/Water, Sulphur*, Sodium Laurate*, Laurus Nobilis Fruit Oil*, Sodium Hydroxide.

*Natural origin 99%

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