Situational skincare - Your skin reserves the right to switch types when it pleases

      HOLIFROG knows that routines may rule our daily and weekly schedules, but when it comes to your skin, you have to make the call as to what it currently needs based on what you’re doing 'in it' at the time. After all, skin is a living organ. Sometimes it gets cranky, sometimes it gets thirsty; it has different needs at different times, so relying on the same product forever more is never going to cut it.

      They know that skin isnt static and can switch types when it pleases. The reasoning for this may include (but is not limited to): age, life events, stress, seasons, climates, lifestyle changes etc. The skin is a very busy organ that’s trying to protect you whilst constantly adjusting to whatever you are exposing it to. Whether that is your diet, or your lifestyle, your environment, your health or the current emotional situation you may be in. For all these situations (that never seem to be planned) the results can be shown in your skin - breakouts, dullness, pigmentation, sensitivity, excess oiliness - the list is endless.

      With this in mind, Holifrog formulas keep an exclusive guest list of using the 'only ingredients' that have a beneficial function. Everything from the base, the textures, and the actives are purposefully picked to help skin perform at its healthiest and prepare itself for whatever internal or external factors occur. The ingredient ratios are important, whether surfactants, skin conditioners or actives, they need to be balanced at their optimal levels and contribute the most to your skin’s health. It's easy to add 'name drop' fancy ingredients, it's harder to have these ingredients serve a purpose. Which is why their skincare is adaptable to whatever situation may arise.

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