At-Home Hair Spa Treatment


      The hair and scalp can become accustomed to the shampoo you are using, so once in a while it is good to shake things up a bit.

      This is where the Rahua Exfoliating shampoo comes in.  This shampoo is a gentle plant-powered scrub and natural, nourishing peel for the scalp.  It provides a purifying exfoliation experience that will remove dead skin cells and product/pollution build up, improving blood circulation and supporting the hair follicle.  The hair comes to life after using it and you will find the in-between shampoo period lasts longer.  It is particularly good for hair that tends to be oily, but even the most driest of hair can use it.

      To make this treatment even more special, finish with either the Rahua Omega 3 mask or Rahua Hydration mask, leaving on the hair for at least 10 minutes, the longer the better.