Using an alum stone

The Tade Pays du Levant Alum Stone is 100% natural and formed of Potassium Alum, a naturally occurring, mined mineral salt. It is a stone that has a milky transluscent appearance with natural mineral veins running through it. The veins are important, as it identifies the crystal as being of natural origin.

Historically the stone was used for medicinal purposes. Anti-microbial, it naturally disinfects and has astringent properties, killing germs and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. When rubbed onto the face after shaving it can help fight razor burn and close the pores, it can also improve skin tone and help prevent acne. It has many uses, but most effectively the 100% natural Alum Stone is used as a deodorant. Safe, gentle and soothing, the crystal stone is non-pore blocking and is not absorbed by the skin. To use it, run the stone under water from the tap and then gently and rapidly rub the crystal under the arm for approx. 15-20 strokes. The natural minerals leave trace deposits on the skin, and these trace deposits naturally disinfect and deodorize perspiration, as well as inhibiting excess sweat. It can be used on the most sensitive of skin, including eczema and it's effect will amazingly last all day. The stone can be used for approx. one year, or until it eventually dissolves. Try it, give yourself at least a week to detox your old under-arm product and you will not look back.