How to achieve stronger, healthier hair

      • Use shampoos made without stripping synthetics or sulphates soaps, that instead contain scalp balancing plant emulsifiers such as coconut, oats, corn and even sugar to cleanse the hair and preserve the scalp microbiome.
      • Use conditioners that contains no 'deceptive' silicon based ingredients which simply coat and suffocate the hair in a 'derivative plastic'. Instead a conditioner should contain nourishing hair and scalp compatable ingredients that help to detangle the hair and treat with every use.
      • Styling products that work to control, hold, smooth and style the hair made with healthier, compatable plant ingredients that treat with every use. Products that do not contain artificial silicone or petroleum based ingredients, that instead coat and suffocate the hair shaft.
      • Hair and scalp treatments that balance and preserve the microbiome of the scalp, that strengthen the hair follicle, so hair will grow healthier with more vigour.
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