Like the face, the most important product you use on your body is what you cleanse it with. Whether it's liquid or solid, natural soap made with plant cleansing ingredients will not strip the skin of its protective hydrolipidic film, unlike some harsh synthetic soap cleansers (sulphates for instance). Instead, this natural film of oil is preserved and the skin will never feel tight, itchy or uncomfortable after using. Soaps, such as the traditional Pain d'Alep from Syria go one further and actually add oil and minerals to the skin. Making this type of body cleanser particularly good for skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema.

      Post bathing, a good body lotion, cream or oil that contains no petroleum derived ingredients (that simply put a plastic type seal on the skin), only natural plant ingredients will nourish the skin 'correctly', feeding the skin with every use. Texture and tone appears smoother, skin is less dry and more able to cope with the elements. Exfoliation also is key, especially in the winter and for pre-holiday skin. Natural sugar or salt body scrubs gently exfoliate and add moisture through their oils, taking off the deadness that can make skin look dull and lacklustre and allowing the skin to renew itself and function healthily. This is particularly good for scars.

      Finally, daily body brushing pre-showering exfoliates on a daily basis and helps with lympthatic drainage and overall health of the body. See our Accessories section for more info.
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