About us

Pure Source is an independent company that has been established for over 15 years with the first store opening on the island of Barbados in 2005.

As an independent, we have the flexibility to carry our own choice of niche high-performance skincare, hair care, beauty and lifestyle brands chosen for their purity, performance, natural composition and eco awareness. Created by brand founders who share our enthusiasm, values and individuality.

Ranging from CLEAN to 100% ORGANIC

Why we do what we do

Since 2005, we have been sourcing and retailing products that are natural, clean and organic as possible, are not tested on animals, are better for the planet and are able to stand out and compete as the best performers in their field.

From the start, we knew that beauty products didn't have to be laden with chemicals or synthetics to do their job and that these often superfluous ingredients were added to make the products last longer on the shelves and cheaper to produce.

We found that many skin problems were often exacerbated and made worse from harsh synthetics that were part of a products main ingredients and that the more pure and plant based it was, the better it performed and furthermore, the healthier the skin became.

We also believe that the less chemicals we are exposed to, on our skin and in general, the better quality of life we will experience and a better world we will leave for future generations.






Switching to clean and natural beauty, is a move towards conscious SELFCARE

Our standards

Over the years we have listened and served thousands of customers from all over the world with different preferences, situations and needs. From this experience, we believe we have at least some idea of what works for our customer, which is why we have stringent rules on the products and brands we take on and why we meticulously research and personally test every product before we list it.

We feel we've taken some of the guesswork out of choosing and buying beauty products and hopefully some of the headache.  Furthermore, our selection and advice is without bias and does not adhere towards agents, board decisions, commission or corporate shareholders





Be good to your skin - you've got it for life

Our locations

Would you rather visit one of our stores for more advice and test our products?

We have stores in Cambridge, UK and Barbados, West Indies