Tranche of Sliced Pain d'Alep 1kg


An one kilo tranche of authentic, pure Hammam Olive and 12% Laurel soap made traditionally in a cauldron.  Dried for 9 months.  Made in Aleppo, Syria. COSMOS certified natural.

Contains 10 x 100g slices.

This genuine Aleppo soap is cut from a raw 1 Kilo bar crafted from a paste mixture containing pure Olive oil and Laurel, heated in a cauldron and poured directly onto a  mould into the ground.  Following a full year of maturation, this bar is then cut into a dozen slices.

Can be used on the face and body and even as a barber soap.  

Stored in a wardrobe, the composition of the soap will deter mites and moths.

Olea Europaea (olive) fruit oil*, Aqua (water), Laurus Nobilis (laurel) fruit oil*, Sodium Hydroxide

*Natural ingredients 99.9%

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