Holistic Silk

Silk & Velvet Eye Mask with Lavender - Gold Crane Brocade


Stress relieving and perfect for insomniacs, this beautiful Limited Edition Silk Eye Mask is made from brocade silk and two velvet strap ties. Filled with real lavender, it is lined in super smooth cotton velvet that perfectly fits the contours of the face and completely blocks out the light.

Fair Made in England


Specifically created to help you to sleep more deeply and to boost energy levels for the morning. This super size design rests on your cheekbones and forehead rather than sitting on the eyes, which means it is especially comfortable and non-restrictive, whilst being completely effective at blocking out the light.

Filled with real lavender, to instantly promote relaxation and help relieve stress, migraines and insomnia and lined in super smooth cotton velvet. Simply tie on and lie back to feel the benefit. The soft velvet ties ensure the best comfort and fit, once tied to suit you, just slip on and off.

This mask is made with Brocade silk and with a 100% cotton velvet backing.

You can instantly revive the long-lasting aroma of your Eye Mask by simply squeezing where you feel the Lavender

You can clean the surface of your Eye Mask with a damp cloth or hand wash occasionally on at 30 degrees using a mild detergent.  Reshape after washing and immediately hang to dry in a warm place.  Can also be dry cleaned. 

Over time and regular washing the scent of Lavender will fade.  To prolong and rejuvenate the aroma simply find the pure dried Lavender in your mask (it usually settles around the nose area) and rub gently between your fingers 3-4 times.  A renewed scent will be emitted straight away.

Try to keep Silk and Lavender out of direct sunlight as both will fade.  

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