Croll & Denecke

Small Natural Silk Sea Sponge 6cm


A sustainably sourced natural sponge, perfect for cleansing the face and removing make-up or facial masks.

This high quality sponge becomes beautifully soft when wet.  Always wash and drain after use.

The natural sponge (Hippospongia equina) is a simple form of life that can be found in all oceans, from the Caribbean Sea to the Arctic Ocean. Its function in the ocean is that it acts as a natural filter. It pumps water through its body to feed itself on plankton and other small food particles.

There are over 7,500 different species of natural sponges that appear in sizes from a few millimeters to about three metres high. Depending on the water temperature, depth and flow natural sponges need half a year up to 5 years to grow.

After use, the natural sponge should be rinsed with clear, lukewarm water and placed on a dish to dry. The natural sponge must not come into contact with boiling water, as it is a pure natural fibre. If the sponge is very dirty, it can be washed in a laundry bag in the wool program of the washing machine but without any washing powder.

The ecologically sustainable harvest of Mediterranean sponges is monitored by the European Ministry of Fisheries and can only take place twice a year. During the harvest millions of spores are released into the surrounding water, so that new sponges can grow again. This makes the natural sponge a particularly sustainable pure and natural product.

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