The Blue Bottle

Anti Anxiety Mood Mist 50ml


A mood mist that is both centering and calming

A fresh, floral blend of powerful crystal and flower essences which brings us back to calm. 

Nurturing Rose and purifying Juniper restore balance, whilst Wild Poppy eases frustration and confusion.  Crystal essences of Kunzite, Lepidolite and Fluorite promote positive energy and transform your environment. 

Handmade in Suffolk, UK

Cruelty free and 100% natural

Spray overhead and around your space.  Take a deep breath and let anxious feelings melt away.

Aqua, Alcohol (to preserve)

Essential Oils: Juniper, Hyssop, Rose, Lavender
Flower Essences: Wild Poppy, Ash Keys
Crystal Essences: Kunzite, Fluorite, Lepidolite

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